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What the legal industry needs to know about AI before embracing it

ChatGPT is transforming our tech landscape. What does this new era mean for your #law firms? How do you leverage its capabilities? What do you need to be wary of?

In this podcast, I address these questions and more in this episode of The Legal Helm.

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Artificial intelligence and the emerging technology surrounding it (hello ChatGPT) is the tech industry’s next frontier. On this episode of The Legal Helm, Bim talks with AI specialist, Jan Scholtes, Chief Data Scientist at IPRO, a leading eDiscovery application. They look at how this new technology can be applied to legal, how best to incorporate it into your firm’s landscape, and where this new functionality is heading. It’s an engaging conversation you don’t want to miss. Enjoy!

Your host

Bim Dave is Helm360’s Executive Vice President. With 15+ years in the legal industry, his keen understanding of how law firms and lawyers use technology has propelled Helm360 to the industry’s forefront. A technical expert with a penchant for developing solutions that improve business systems and user experience, Bim has a knack for bringing high quality IT architects and developers together to create innovative, useable solutions to the legal arena.

Our guest

Johannes (Jan) C. Scholtes is the Chief Data Scientist at IPRO, which provides legal eDiscovery tools and software to law firms and corporations. Additionally, he holds the Extraordinary Chair in Text Mining from the Department of Advanced Computer Sciences at the Faculty of Science and Engineering of the University of Maastricht (Netherlands). There, he teaches courses on Artificial Intelligence and law. Jan specializes in text-analytics, information retrieval and natural language processing with application specializations in legal technology, regulatory overview, law enforcement, and intelligence.


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